Stocked Alloys and Applications

Stamping Die RepairAlloys Unlimited Welding opened its doors five years ago. During that time span, our company has established itself as an innovative specialty welding provider. The collected knowledge of welding experts at Alloys Unlimited makes us a one-stop shop for manufacturing and engineering firms looking to upgrade their processing abilities.

We carry a large array of stocked welding alloys. Clients can count on finding the exact process or material they need to enhance their own business abilities. Also, our customers are given the opportunity to consult with staff members, which will help them make informed decisions about fulfilling their needs.

Alloys Unlimited has taken a leadership role in the improvement of various processes. Our aluminum, aluminum bronze and copper applications meet even the most stringent requirements. We use modern Multi Process Inverters to develop the best solution for whatever application a customer might require. Getting it right the first time is our goal. That's what our customers have come to expect.

Our stock of alloys includes Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, Copper, Nickel, Tool and Alloy Steels. A listing of some of our stocked alloys is below with most materials available within a 24-hour period.

Our mission is to ensure that clients find the best solutions.

Stocked Welding Alloys
Subject to Change

Micro Tig Alloys

Air Hardening .015 dia .025 dia
316L .020 dia .025 dia
316L .025 dia  
312 Stainless .025 dia  
P-20 .025  

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Tool Steels

A2/D2 Air Hardening For Use on 5% Chrome and High Chrome Tool Steel
A-2 through A-5 and D1 through D7 RC as Welded 54-56
High Speed For M series tool steels RC as Welded 58-63
Flame Hardening 4130 Chrome Molly when Heat treatment or flame hardening is required RC 32 to 36 as welded 42-46 flame hardened
P-20 Welding P-20 Tool Steels RC 34-36 as welded up to RC51 after
Oil Hardening Welding O1- O6 Rc 57-60 as Welded
Water Hardening Welding W1- W5 Series Tool Steel 48-52 as Welded
Shock Resisting Welding S-7 Tool Steel Rc 54-57 as Welded
H13 M Welding Hot working tool steels a Machinable alloy used on Extrusion dies Good thermal Shock Resistance
H13 Repair of H-13 Tool Steel as Welded Rc 49-52
Maranging Buildup of Maraging tool steels as welded 34-38 Heat Treated up to 54 Rc

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Carbon Steel

E70s-2 Tensile 77,000 psi 34% Elongation Triple Deoxidized
E70s-6 Tensile up to 88,000 psi 26% Elongation
E80s-D2 Tensile up to 95,000 psi Elongation 22%
E90s-B3 Tensile 90,000 to 94,500 psi Elongation 19%

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Aluminum & Magnesium

Er 4047 High Silicon good flow at lower temps
Er 4043 Most popular, suitable for most alloys cannot be anodized due to high silicon content
Er 5356 Second Most popular Good color match most material after anodizing
R AZ92A Magnesium Alloy best when base chemistry is unknown

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Copper Based

Er CuAL-A1 Iron Free aluminum Bronze 1/4" deposit...125 BHN (3000kg.)
Er-CuAl-A2 Most Popular Build Up Alloy 1/4" deposit...40 BHN (3000kg.)
ER CuMnNiAl Manganese Nickel Aluminum Bronze BHN 1/4" deposit...217 BHN (3000kg.)
ER CuAl-A3 Recommended for welding Ampco 18 BHN 1/4" deposit...166 BHN (3000kg.)
ER CuAl-C Recommended for welding Ampco 21 1/4" deposit...269 BHN (3000kg.)
ER Cu Deoxidized Copper Good Electrical Conductivity
ER CuSi-A Silicon Bronze
RB CuZn-D High Strength Nickel Silver Brazing Alloy
RB CuZn-C General Purpose brazing alloy
BcuP-3 Brazing Alloy for Copper Brass and Bronze Torch application
BAg-24 High Strength Silver Alloy Carbide to Steel

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Nickel and Stainless

ERNiCr-3 Gas-tungsten-arc welding of INCONEL alloys 600, 601 and 690, INCOLOY alloys 800 and 800HT, and INCOLOY alloy 330
Er Ni-1 High Nickel Tig Wire
ErNiCu-7 Gas-tungsten-arc of MONEL alloys 400, R404, and K-500.
Er NiCrMo-3 Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Used for Some Inconel Materials
Er NiCrMo-4 Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Used for Inco C276
ENi-CI NI-ROD Welding Electrode is used for shielded-metal-arc welding of gray, ductile, and malleable cast irons
ER 308L Low Carbon Content for Welding 301, 302, 304 and 308 SS
ER309L Used for 309 SS also used for Dissimilar Stainless Steel and Carbon To Stainless Steel
ER 312 Best used when chemistry is unknown Tensile Strength 155,000 psi
Er 316L Used For 316 Alloys Low Carbon Content
Er 330 Used to Weld 330 Alloys
Er 347 Used on 347/321 Alloys
Er 420 Weld 403, 410, 414 and 420 Martensitic SS
Er 409 Weld 409 Alloy
ER-630 Commonly Known a 17-4 SS

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Er-Ti-1 Used to weld most grades of Titanium

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